Surabaya, 11 November 2014

Some of the Internet media these days have reported false negative news about Harfam, stating that PT Harfam Jaya Makmur is one of the companies that are categorized investment scams whereas the official release on the website of the OJK (Financial Services Authority) never mentioned that PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur is an investment scam company. In the reports, OJK only mentions that PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur is one of 262 companies whose activities do not get permission from OJK and the products or services are not supervised by OJK ( Just because Harfam does not get permission from OJK, we cannot say that Harfam Jaya Makmur is an investment scam.

In another news release, OJK mentions the characteristics of investment scam, including:

  • Promising large investment benefits (profits) that are too good to be true
  • The investment is not offered through broadcasters (TV and radio) but offered only via internet/online; the investment has no clear business domicile and we cannot interact physically with the company
  • The investment works like a chain: member gets member, but there are no goods used as the object of investment, or if there are goods, the price of these goods is not reasonable if compared with similar goods sold in the market
  • The public funds are managed / reinvested in overseas projects
  • Using public figures, officials, religious leaders, celebrities
  • Promising luxury goods and traveling abroad as the bonus
  • Associating investment with charity or worship
  • Giving impression that the investment is risk-free
  • Giving impression that the investment is secured or affiliated with large/multinational companies
  • The investment does not have business license, or if it has one, the business license does not correspond to the business activities conducted.

Of the 10 characteristics above, we believe none is identical to what we are doing, Moreover, we are not an investment company but we are working based on our official legality. PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur is a company engaged in the business of Services, Commerce, Agriculture and Industry.

So far, PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur focuses as a company engaged in the environmental conservation and empowerment in the form of services of planting, maintenance and utilization of teak trees so that it can have high economic value and give positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Harfam Jaya Makmur plants, nurses, and cultivates teak trees using the concept of partnership with public, focused on individuals. From the partnership concept, we can simply describe that PT Harfam Jaya Makmur is the party that has the resources in the form of:

  • Land
  • Teak seedlings
  • Fertilizers
  • Labors
  • Research and nursery laboratory
  • Expertise in building a teak forest

These six sources, combined with resources in the form of capital from the public, form the business currently undertaken by PT Harfam Jaya Makmur. The business activities have both financial and conservation benefits. What is paid by the public to PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur in the framework of partnership of cultivation and utilization of teak trees can be seen in the form of:

  • Teak forest manufacture land which can be accessed anytime by the partners who have signed cooperation contracts with PT Harfam Jaya Makmur
  • To the land that has passed its cropping period, the form can be seen from the teak trees themselves

The “Green for Wealthiness” concept owned by PT Harfam Jaya Makmur, collaborating three pillars of sustainability (People, Planet, Profit), which is part of Harfam brand tagline “Nurturing Future” has gained appreciation from the international community as one of the innovative concepts of sustainable environmental development. You can access this information on:

PT Harfam Jaya Makmur has participated many times to represent Indonesia in some events, both in national and international levels, including:

  1. 2011, Indonesian Forestry Congress V in Jakarta
  2. 2011, The 2nd Asia Pacific Forestry Week, in Beijing, China
  3. 2011, The 5th World Forest Day in Durban, South Africa
  4. 2012, The 6th and 5th World Agriculture Day in Doha, Qatar
  5. 2013, The 2nd World Teak Conference di Bangkok, Thailand
  6. 2014, International Conference, Forest Asia Summit 2014 in Jakarta
  7. 2014, Asia LEDS Forum, Development Through Low Emission Development Strategies And Green Growth, Jogja

In conducting the partnership-based business activities, PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur receive full and exclusive support from professional experts in BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) under the auspices of Government of Republic of Indonesia through Ministry of Research and Technology of Republic of Indonesia, who in this case is represented by BPPT expert in the field of Biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nadirman Haska, MS who managed to find a fast-growing teak named Harfam Teak which in the age of 8 years can reach a diameter of over 30 cm, equivalent to a 40-year-old local teak.

In addition, Harfam R & D team along with BPPT managed to find fertilizer formula to optimize the growth of Harfam Teak, which is now named HB-1 (Harfam Biotec 1) and HB-2 (Harfam Biotec 2).

PT Harfam Jaya Makmur has also become the member of Indonesian Franchise and License Association (WALI). Harfam has also been professionally and officially recognized as the member of TEAKNET as TEAK Grower and TEAK Researcher. TEAKNET is an international organization that houses all professional elements in the field of teak, including Teak Researchers, Teak Growers, and Teak Traders, whose secretariat is located at the Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) in Peechi, India. Harfam has also achieved ISO 9001: 2008 from National Accreditation Board and certification of Six Sigma Learning Organization.

The partnership concept between PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur and the people is offered through a variety of media, one of the most intense is the exhibitions held in almost all parts of Indonesia. Besides, we also held several radio talk shows. Even, we also opened branches in four cities as our preventive measures to facilitate our Partners to reach and access PT Harfam Jaya Makmur. Partnership scheme is offered in the form of teak cultivation and utilization packages which are divided into several categories, ranging from the smallest 100 teak trees to the largest 8000 teak trees. This partnership scheme is openly implemented by PT Harfam Jaya Makmur.

Harfam Jaya Makmur strives to be a company that empowers and preserves teak forests, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world. From our developing company, we can see that this company can give a lot of value, not only financial value, but also environmental, ecology, conservation, and culture values. PT Harfam Jaya Makmur also preserves the social values, especially the forest communities. The empowerment and cooperation programs carried out so far in Bondowoso and Situbondo have employed + 1,000 daily workers from the surrounding communities. Additionally, Harfam provides added value for the environment, one of which is by empowering critical lands to be greener by the planting of teak in those areas. Therefore, the land, along with the teak tress on it, will become as asset which has high economic value.

Below is the documentation of the activities carried out by PT. Harfam Jaya Makmur:

For those of you who want to get more detailed and complete information, who want to cultivate teak tree without needing to plant, nurture, care, and think about the land and who just want to accept the results of the harvest money, you can contact:

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