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Nurturing Future

Harfam and OJK, What Actually Happened?

Some of you may have heard about Harfam and OJK (Financial Services Authority). Some of the Internet media these days have reported false negative news about Harfam based on the release of OJK (dated 7 November 2014). Before you evaluate further, let us discuss about what OJK exactly is. Financial Services Authority or commonly more

The 69th Anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia: Assessing the Equalization of Economic Development in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Independence Day which falls on August 17 reminds us of the struggle of the heroes to achieve the independence of Indonesia. After the 350 years of colonialism of the Dutch, English, Portuguese, and Japan, 69 years ago Indonesia, represented by Ir. Sukarno, declared its independence. In the colonization era, starvation occurs everywhere, poverty more

HARFAM Intensive Management in Preventing Fires

Indonesia is a tropical country that has the third largest forest area in the world. The existence of this forest is certainly a blessing. Forests are the natural ecosystems that have high biodiversity. Forests in Indonesia are very important, not only for Indonesian people, but also for all living things on earth. Forests in more

Let’s Make Forests to Prevent Floods

In last January, there were some floods happening everywhere in this country, such as in Jakarta, Tangerang, Subang, and the North Coast (Pantura) areas including Cirebon, Pemalang, Batang Pekalongan, Jepara and Pati. Major flood also happened in Manado. Obviously, the victims suffered a lot of losses, both material and psychological loses and even fatalities. more

HARFAM And Partners Provide Job Opportunities in Small Towns

Labor problems in Indonesia have its own complexity. The number of labors always grows in line with population growth rate which is increasing every year. However, this is not followed by adequate employment. Most of the business sectors that absorb labor are located in big cities. The lack of job opportunities in small towns more

Are You Ready to Face Inflation in 2014?

Year 2014 has just come. Everyone is praying and hoping for a better Indonesia, especially in terms of economic growth. However, it seems that we should reflect on the conditions in the last year. The weakening of rupiah has now reached Rp 12,250/USD and this becomes the main cause of inflation in Indonesia. What more

Prestigious Award for The Clean City

If we hear the word Adipura, what comes in our mind might be that it is not a very special award. Yes, it is normal because there may be still some people who are not familiar with this prestigious award. In this modern era, there are some serious problems, especially in big cities, including more

Kophi Lampung: Green Action for the Nation

Koalisi Pemuda Hijau (KOPHI) Universitas Negeri Lampung Indonesian Green Youth Coalition (KOPHI) was born as a forum to unite the young generations who are caring and responsive to the sustainable environment of Indonesia. Kophi strives to realize their environmental dreams by leaving their comfort zone and doing small activities for the environment. Young generations more

UNFCCC, the World Institution for Climate Change

  Climate change from year to year is a certainty. Natural changes occur along with the development of civilization and the increasing number of people who inhabit the earth. Therefore, the preservation of the environment due to climate change is not only the responsibility of one country, but the entire countries on the earth. more

The Gaze of Eagle Eyes

Student Nature Lovers (MPA) Aranyacala Trisakti was invited by the Government of West Lampung district to attend the highlights of Lake Ranau charms to enliven the event by doing a paragliding flight from the shores of Lake Ranau. One of our personnel arrived at Lake Ranau and gathered with several other pilots who came more