Teak Franchise, Price: Rp 1,650,000,000, Term of Franchise: 10 years

Description Total Explanation
Management Fee Rp. 500 million Paid to the Franchisor
Seeds, Fertilizers, and Initial Equipment Rp. 300 million Paid to the Franchisor
Working Capital for the First Year Rp. 350 million Prepared by the Franchisee and used when needed
License Fee
Membership Fee
Rp. 250 million
Rp. 250 million
Paid to the Franchisor
TOTAL Rp. 1.65 Billion

The Franchise Package Includes:

– 1000 Superior Harfam Teak Seedlings
– Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers for 6 years for one hectare of land (for Harfam Teak Franchise)
– The opportunity to run Harfam Teak Forest Management business by using HARFAM brand as part of HARFAM business network which has been experienced for more than 6 years and has been managing the forest area of 1,658 hectares all over the nation
– The secret to make your Harfam Teak grows faster than the general growth
– The secret of productive forest management that can provide welfare for the forest communities
– Training to implement nature conservation and empowerment
– Business Motivation Training
– The secret of Effective Business Management
– The secret of how to market Forestry Products
– Monitoring and Control of your forest business
– Quick troubleshooting
– 10 years of terms of franchise
– The franchisee is entitled to use the HARFAM brand and HARFAM teak forest management system during 10 years since the signing of HARFAM Franchise Agreement
– The franchisee is entitled to offer the sale of land and forest management services with the brand identity in the location owned by the Franchisee as agreed in the Franchise Agreement
– The franchisee is entitled to buy and receive HARFAM superior teak seedlings, as well as organic and inorganic fertilizers according to the amount and conditions agreed in the Franchise Agreement
– Franchisee is eligible for operational support, like training, including but not limited to business preparation support, land management support, services and product marketing support, business management training, and many others in accordance with the standards of HARFAM as the franchisor which are constantly developed on an ongoing basis
– The franchisee is entitled to file an extension of the Harfam Franchise after two years of running the Harfam

Franchise Business.To support the Franchisee, HARFAM as the Franchisor will conduct activities, among others:

– Branding development; by advertising and participating in various exhibitions and other public relations activities
– Product & Business Development; by having research and development of new products as well as cooperation with renowned institutions in Indonesia and abroad
– Network development; by developing marketing network and forest product utilizationFranchise Criteria
– Having access to land owners of up to 100 Ha
– Oriented to field work
– Cooperation and collaboration in accordance with the systems
– Willing to join HARFAM trainings consistently
– Having sufficient capital
– Having a forest in franchisee’s own land of at least 1 HaFranchise Application Procedures
– Filling out the Franchise Application form
– Location review and evaluation on the cost of the prospective franchisee
– Harfam Franchise meetings and discussions
– MOU and payment of Commitment Fee
– The making of Business Plan and the explanation of the contents of the franchise agreement
– Signing the franchise agreement