Para Aktivis KOPHI Nusantara
Koalisi Pemuda Hijau (KOPHI) Universitas Negeri Lampung

Indonesian Green Youth Coalition (KOPHI) was born as a forum to unite the young generations who are caring and responsive to the sustainable environment of Indonesia. Kophi strives to realize their environmental dreams by leaving their comfort zone and doing small activities for the environment.

Young generations are often too preoccupied with their own business, assuming that this task is “theirs” not “mine”. We often ignore the environmental awareness and pretend to forget that we live on the environment. We try to delude ourselves that our ignorance gradually can threat the life of this generations and the next generations to come. The fewer number of trees in Lampung, especially in Bandar Lampung, calls us to change the felled trees with new trees. We expect that this activity will bring new hopes for the environment.

This condition encourages us from KOPHI (Indonesian Green Youth Coalition) along with Kophi friends (volunteers) to move and make an action of “Hijaukan Lampungku”. We use the momentum of 14th February 2013 to express love and affection to the environment by planting trees which we refer to as the “trees of hope” in the area of Lampung University.

Kophi members and friends who participated in this activity planted trees on land that has been provided, wrote their hopes for Indonesia, and then pinned their hopes on the planted tree. Each of Kophi friends who have planted the trees should be responsible for watering and caring for the tree itself every day. These “trees of hope” are expected to foster and strengthen the love of nature and environment.

In addition, on February 19, 2013, Kophi Lampung was invited to conduct waste management training. The SME-based activities to Process Waste into Useful Products were conducted in Kelurahan Desa Way Tataan-Teluk Betung, with the title “From Trash into Gold”.

The students of the State University of Lampung (Unila) invited Kophi Lampung to provide training to the PKK members and students of Unila. The waste management training was emphasized on the processing of plastic waste. The plastic waste was processed into products such as fish-shaped key chain. The training was led by Ezed Qyoko Wahyuni (Chairman of Kophi Lampung) and followed by other members of Kophi Lampung to assist and provide guidance to the PKK members. The PKK members seemed enthusiastic in these activities. The waste management training was expected to increase creativity of the residents of Kelurahan Desa Way Tataan-Teluk Betung and raise public awareness of the environment, especially in terms of waste management.

Two of these activities, both tree planting and material waste management training, were done as the real concern of Kophi Lampung for the environment. It is expected that both activities can be an inspiration for the people of Indonesia to be sensitive and willing to take action in order to make green and sustainable environment.