Harfam has been a dynamically growing company in the field of forest development and preservation since 2004. Harfam and its founders have passed through a long history in building and raising its business until it reaches the current phase. The company history originated from the vision of the founders in nurturing future while preserving the nature.

Since 2002, Harfam founders have been developing their experiences by joining some seminars and special programs in the fields of business and environment. With experiences, skills, and knowledge in hands, in 2004 the founders established Harfam with Muhammad Alkaff as the CEO and founder. From here, the teak planting and development program was started at the first time in the area of 50 hectares in Bondowoso, which become the company’s pilot site area until today.

Harfam continuously grows and keeps promoting its spirit to nurture a better future for many generations to come. Harfam has been growing rapidly, with head office located in Surabaya, supported by four branch offices in Bondowoso along with concession land development in 2 areas (Bondowoso and Situbondo). With the Strong Management Team in various fields, supported by various expert consultants in various sectors, Harfam—together with Individual Partners and Corporate Partners—is determined to maintain the earth with smart solutions.