Land Harfam land was initially critical (barren and unproductive) land. With the best technology, the land will be developed into fertile land that will become high-value assets.
Seedlings Harfam Teak Seedlings are the best seedlings in Indonesia, which is the result of breeding collaboration with Biotech of BPPT and the experts from Thailand. The superiorities of Harfam Teak Seedlings are:

  • Straight trunk, which greatly affects the sale value.
  • The root system is good, with 3-4 taproots and plenty fibrous roots which optimizes the nutrient absorption and makes the trees not easily uprooted.
  • The good root system makes the plants healthier and increases the immune system against pests.
  • The good root system (supported by fertilization, treatment, and fertile land selection) enables the plants to grow faster (8 years of harvest).
  • The trees are more resistant to long droughts because they have been given a special formula from Biotech of BPPT
  • Self Pruning System, the ability to shed their own branches
Access Roads
We provide access roads to all the partners’ land to facilitate the harvest