sekilas (5)HARFAM has also been producing its own organic fertilizer with the name Biobacter, with the Registration Number L956/DEPTAN-PPVTPP/VIII/2011 issued by Minister of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia. The Biobacter was invented by HARFAM Research and Development (RnD) Team. Biobacter fertilizer has been tested on agricultural land for food crops such as rice and corn in Bondowoso, Situbondo and Banyuwangi and showed an increase of 50% of the harvest. It has also been tested on oil palm plantation in Medan and showed an increase of 20% of the harvest as well as on teak and jabon and showed an increase of 10% of the timber volume.

sekilas (4) HARFAM was one of the International participants and exhibitors that qualified to be invited to the 6th World Forest Day and the 5th World Conference Agriculture Landscapes and Livelihoods Day in Doha City, Qatar in December 2nd to 3rd, 2012 by CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) and CIAT-CCAFS partnering with CPF as The Professional of Teak Company Grower.

sekilas (6)HARFAM has received STPW (Franchise Registration Certificate) with the number 503/05.C/436.6.11/2011. With this STPW in hands, it means that HARFAM has been recognized by the government and has been officially registered as a reliable franchise company in Indonesia. There are many companies in Indonesia claiming to be Franchise companies, but in fact they do not have the STPW. Indeed, there are some difficult conditions that need to be fulfilled to get this STPW, including: the company must have continuous profit for 2 years and the business has certain characteristics, which means that not all types of business can be franchised. HARFAM is also a member of Indonesian Franchise and License Association (WALI)