Year 2014 has just come. Everyone is praying and hoping for a better Indonesia, especially in terms of economic growth. However, it seems that we should reflect on the conditions in the last year. The weakening of rupiah has now reached Rp 12,250/USD and this becomes the main cause of inflation in Indonesia. What about in 2014? Executive Director of Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ) M. Riza Damanik mentioned that there are two causes that worsen the national economy. Those are the increase of world oil prices which causes the subsidies to bulge and decline in the exchange rate of rupiah that doubles the value of foreign debt. Sri Adiningsih, the economist of Gadjah Mada University, said that the next year economic growth is expected to decline. There will be higher fluctuation and deviation. In addition, she also said that inflation is projected at 6.5 percent. The exchange rate of rupiah against US dollar was predicted to be above Rp 11,000.

Then, what must be conducted by every business owner to avoid losses due to inflation? The answer is to transform the capital into a form of assets (investments). Some of the investments you can choose are franchise, property investment, mutual funds, and gold. Franchise is a relatively safe choice because it usually has provided standard business systems and process as well as the evident product choices. Thus, the process to run the business will not be as complicated as when you start your own business from scratch. Property is also quite safe due to the increased price every year. There are many types of property offered as investment, including apartments, shophouses, land, until forest/plantation.

Another investment option is a mutual fund. In this investment, we are essentially buying a bunch of good stock through the services of a professional fund manager. We invest the fund

to be paid to fund managers. They will use the fund to buy a variety of good stocks with the expectation that the share price continues to rise constantly.

The last option is gold investment. Gold investment can be a hedging tool. Many people invest in gold to diversify assets especially in these unstable economic conditions.

Harfam is present as an option for you who want investment products that benefit many parties. With a unique business concept that is based on 3P (profit, people, planet), forest property investment offered by Harfam provides benefits not only for investors (partners), but also for the community around the forest and the environment. This is an investment that is safe and sustainable. If other companies have their CSR programs as part of pressures from the government, Harfam has started it since the beginning because CSR is part of the business itself.

With Harfam, you can have an investment with annual ROI higher than the inflation rate. In addition, you do not have to bother to take care of this business because all of the process starting from the planting until harvest will be conducted by experienced experts of Harfam. You will also be the part of Indonesian forest conservation, provider of world’s oxygen, and prevention of landslides and flooding. We invite you who have joined us to invite and refer this investment opportunity to the people around you so there will be more parties who will participate and be involved in this amazing investment.