Crew Melakukan Pendaratan

Student Nature Lovers (MPA) Aranyacala Trisakti was invited by the Government of West Lampung district to attend the highlights of Lake Ranau charms to enliven the event by doing a paragliding flight from the shores of Lake Ranau.

One of our personnel arrived at Lake Ranau and gathered with several other pilots who came from Jakarta and Lampung. A day earlier, when traveling to the location, there were concerns if tomorrow the flight would succeed as the rain kept falling that day.

Activities began by hiking the Mandiangin Hill to go to the take-off area located on a hilltop. The hiking is done on foot because there is not yet path for four-wheeled vehicles. An hour later, we arrived and were greeted with a very beautiful view of the lake. Once, the fatigue was gone and my fresh body was back. We got together and prayed for safety during the flight and ended it with the sentence “BRAVO PARALAYANG”.

Sunny weather greeted us with a fairly strong wind blowing. Our aviator, Irwan, as the first aviator, started deploying a parachute and performed a variety of check and recheck. After making sure everything had no problem, the flight began with ridge soaring, that is going around in figure eight maneuver, to increase the altitude, and was done by utilizing the wind that moves up due to the flow of the deflected flow on the hills. After maneuvering for more than 10 minutes, Irwan flew away from the hill and moved down another hill which is located within the range of 700 meters. And there, the new adventure began

We moved down the hill for 200 meters long. The view was amazing. However, after that, gradually the wind speeds increased which were marked by the slow pace of the parachute until the point that it didn’t move at all. Irwan finally decided to move away from the hill to avoid the threat of turbulence that can lead the parachute to lose its control. Turbulence is a swirling wind blowing around the hill. Very slowly, the parachute was carried away from the hill. After making sure that the current position is far enough from the effecting turbulence, we performed maneuver to lower the altitude. Suddenly, when maneuvering, the left side of the parachute collapsed. This is a condition in which the air pressure in one part and another inside the parachute is not balanced. To overcome this, the pilot must maintain the air pressure on the right side to remain stable so that the left side of the parachute could return to normal.

After the parachute was back to normal, the flight continued again until we landed on the lawn. The next night, we gathered and prepared to return to Jakarta. This was a very encouraging experience for us to have an adventure in the air to see the beauty of the nature..