Plantings Our planting system is standardized with the hole size of 50cm x 50cm and basic fertilizer sufficient for the initial growth of teak trees.
Fertilization Optimal fertilization both in quality and quantity.

One of our missions is to improve the standard of living and welfare of local communities surrounding the forests. We invite residents around the forest to use the land for planting intercropping crops. This intercropping will both improve the living of the forest communities and build social relationships with the surrounding environment. Intercropping also has positive impact on the quality of soil fertility.

If there are no people interested to intercrop in our land, we will plant some plants that can improve the soil fertility, one of which is lamtoro. Lamtoro has a lot benefits, including:

1. Improving soil fertility by capturing nitrogen (which is highly needed by the plants) in the air and putting it into the ground
2.Preventing fires, because when lamtoro is planted on the land, weeds will not grow, so there is no flammable material that trigger fires during the dry season. Lamtoro plant also survives in dry season.
3.Retaining landslides on sloping land

Water reservoir
We build water reservoirs at certain points for maintenance and watering if necessary.